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Ladies Meeting (Sodari Samajam)

IPC-Pentecostal Church of Ireland, Sodhari Samajam is the women’s fellowship formed to strengthen and encourage our young women in different roles to assist them to live in the intimate bond of sisterhood. This exclusive fellowship helps our sisters to focus their attention on their issues related to the spiritual growth, Christian family life and their role in the church.

Our regular meeting provides the opportunity to come together to worship God, intercessory prayer and receive inspiring message from God’s Word. Through our spiritual and social fellowship, we enjoy communion and fellowship with each other. Sodhari Samajam takes the initiative to enhance the fellowship among sisters by holding monthly meetings.

IPC-Pentecostal Church of Ireland Sodhari Samajam had its humble beginnings in 2008 with few sisters onboard. The number of members in Sodhari Samajam also increased corresponding with the growth of our IPC-PCI Church. Since the beginning of Sodhari Samajam meetings were conducted in the homes of different members monthly

At present, Sodhari Samajam meetings are held monthly at the IPC-PCI Church Hall, Dublin. These meetings are attended by our sisters who devote their time and efforts for the efficient functioning of Sodhari Samajam.

For more information about Sodhari Samajam Meetings, please feel free to contact Sis. Susan Jobin @ 00353 87 6714239.