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Sunday School

Jesus said "Suffer little children come unto me, and forbid them not; for of such is the Kingdom of God".

Sunday School is now a worldwide movement. As some one has described, the heart of a child is like a blank paper, and when given to an artist, will be painted as a beautiful picture. Whereas in the hands of an immoral and corrupt person, it will be spoiled and thrown into the waste-bin. This reveals the fact that in order to get molded in to a good, civilized and cultured generation, the small children are to be trained accordingly. The root cause of the present day unrest around the world is due to the lack of proper training of our young ones. The motto of Sunday School is to train the children in the way that they should go.

The present Sunday School generation is deeply indebted to Robert Raikes, who is known as the father of the Sunday School movement. He originally started it in England in 1780 with the help of Rev. Thomas Stock, and later it spread all over the world.

The history of Sunday school activities in the Indian Pentecostal churches is as old as the history of the churches itself. Soon after the formation of the Pentecostal churches during the 1930s, Sunday School had also started with the aim of training the younger generation. In 1960, Pastor K.J. Samuel, the architect of IPC Sunday School Association had initiated to form the IPC 'Sunday School Samajam'. He was its first President. Under the care of Pastor K.E. Abraham, the founder of India Pentecostal Church of God, Sunday School movement had flourished. Later it was known as - the IPC Sunday School Association, which is now spread world-wide among the IPC churches. Glory to God for raising up dedicated and far-sighted servants of God who gave leadership to the Sunday School movement from time to time.

For more information about Sunday School Activities, please feel free to contact Br. Jobin Jose @ 00353 87 1334920